Smart Services and intelligent networking are enabling new business models

Digitisation has become an integral part of almost all businesses and is dominating their markets. Buzzwords such as the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0 have already become commonplace. However, especially Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing makes digitisation an ever more explosive topic.

The big challenges common to all these topics are in data management and in making use of the smart data gained: Do you want to develop new business models or do you want to visualise, process and automate your existing processes more easily?

eurodata Smart Services can build the basis for business models in the digital economy by providing smarter data and process integration.

Smart Services basically offer four advantages:
  • They extend products and services by adding a digital layer
  • They connect the physical and digital worlds
  • They transform a product into an element of a service
  • They extend existing business models and open up new ones
Learn from our white paper how "Smart Services and intelligent networking are enabling new business models", how to kick-start your digital business and how to keep up with the competition.
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